Bert Grimm® Official Tattoo "Snakebox" Foot Block

Bert Grimm® Official Tattoo "Snakebox" Foot Block

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"Used to be, that every tattoo artist had their foot on one of these, and someone's elbow on their knee. The old carnival tattoo guys called it a ‘Snakebox'.

Put it on the floor, take your foot off your clients chair wheels, and set it on this foot block. Then you have a steady base, leverage for those tough stretches, and instant relief for your back."

                    Wes Grimm - Great Grandson of Bert.

● Design by Grimm

● Solid wood

● Custom built in Kansas City, Missouri USA

● Fine furniture quality

● Cherry finish

● 10” X 7” X 5.5”

● 5” X 3” Bert Grimm® insignia branded onto every box

● Wes Grimm signature inside every box