Gene Grimm 11x15 Poster by Bert Grimm® Official

Gene Grimm 11x15 Poster by Bert Grimm® Official

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01 Bert's Photo Club: Limited edition three color risographed* poster of Bert's son Gene Grimm and his Bert Grimm® chest piece, done at age 15. Original photo taken by Bert in his St. Louis tattoo and photo studio and lovingly recreated right here in KCMO. Hand numbered edition of 75.

11x15.25" on French Dur-o-Tone paper, printed by Oddities Prints

*Risograph ink is soy-based, similar to inks used in newspaper printing. We advise handling your prints carefully by the back, edge, or margin of the print.

The first installment of Bert's Photo Club! Become a member and receive a monthly poster in the mail, along with an Official membership card in your first order and a Members Only discount code.